Instagram’s cofounders are reportedly leaving Facebook

Facebook is reportedly losing the two cofounders of one of its most prized acquisitions. Instagram cofounders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger told Facebook executives on Monday that they plan to leave Facebook in the coming weeks the New York Times reported. Systrom is currently Instagram’s CEO, while Krieger is the CTO. Facebook acquired Inst…Read More

China bans Twitch because people were finally watching it

Twitch is celebrating Pride once again.

Twitch is no longer available in China. Earlier this week, authorities in that country added the livestreaming platform to its blacklist. The Amazon site joins YouTube and Twitter as sites only accessible using a workaround tool. The disappearance of Twitch didn’t make a lot of noise because the site isn’t popular in China. It is far le…Read More

Pit Blocks 3D revives a Virtual Boy gem for PC

Pit Blocks 3D.

Nintendo’s ’90s experiment with virtual reality, the Virtual Boy, is often the butt of jokes. But the doomed portable system had some great games. 3D Tetris, literally a three-dimensional take on the classic puzzler games, was one of them. And now Pit Blocks 3D is going to bring that same flavor of block-dropping to PC (but not VR) when…Read More

AI researchers can now identify people by eye movements

Our eyes wander as we read text, and not just in the figurative sense — between a series of rapid motions called saccades, eyes remain still for just 200-300 milliseconds on average. Those movements are rich with subtext — they’re driven by cognitive processes involving vision, attention, language, and motor control — and ac…Read More